The revolution in nutrition – part 1.

Dr. M.O. Bircher-Benner (1867-1939), along with Dr. Waerland, was one of the great pioneers in the West on the science of dietics. It was the discovery of Penicillin, and its potential to kill bacteria, that brought to a premature end to the great dietary revolution in the West. “All disease is caused by infection, ergo, bacteria is the cause of all diseases.” We know now, exactly how untrue that is.

There has never been a more important time in history, to revive the truth, and highlight the scientific principles of diet, through an exploration of the evolution of dietics in the West, the effect of excessive eating of animal flesh, and the great dietic revolution in the late part of the 19th Century.

Both, Dr Bircher-Benner, as well as Dr. Waerland stumbled upon the root causes of disease, and therefore its cure. By disease, I would encompass not only those which are visibly manifest by symptoms, but also those which lie latent, and grow to a point where ultimately, they overflow not unlike a vessel of boiling milk, to spread the deranged forces all through the body and give rise to visible symptoms, what we call as “disease”.

Dr Bircher Benner stumbled upon his discovery, when one day, a lady suffering from a gastric disorder visited him, but no treatment proved to be effective and her condition grew worse day-by-day.

On the suggestion of one of his friends,Dr. Bircher Benner decided to treat he with a diet of raw vegetables and fruit.

It is no surprise today, that the woman recovered. Dr Bircher Benner concluded that “It was the deterioration of foodstuffs, generally taking place during cooking and other processing, that was at the root of many evils.”

For a civilization, so used to the excessive consumption of meat and white flour products, it’s no surprise that these famous Western dieticians and nutritionists were able to bring about “miraculous cures”.

The fundamental principles that they discovered, are valid even today, in this age of vitamin supplements, gym exercises and unbelievably stupid dietary fads, such as the Atkins diet.

It cannot be over-emphasized, that the dietary change requires consumption of “organically grown” foods. which is not to say, that applying these simple scientific principles will give you ALL the benefits!

You will feel:

More energetic.

Achieve optimum weight.

Live longer.

Feel better.

Generally be more attractive to the opposite sex, on account of glowing skin and bright eyes.

Never need to use perfumes to mask the foul pheromone odour that exudes on the consumption of non-vegetarian food. (that’s why the West has such a huge industry of perfumery!)

In addition, the changes in diet proposed would enable you to:

Give up addictions such as drinking and smoking.

Clarify the mind to a supra-natural state.

Naturally attract the opposite sex, without making an effort about it.

Dr Benner discovered this great dietic discovery:

“For regeneration of vitality in the healthy, it is enough if half of the daily intake should consist of raw foods.”

In addition, Dr Bircher Benner discovered, that raw foods eaten at the beginning of the meal, established anaerobic (without oxygen) conditions in the intestinal tract and promoted the growth of beneficial bacterial coli and drive out the pathogenic ones.

Hence the Bircher-Benner maxim:

Begin each meal with raw food. Raw food before, not after, the cooked food.”

The third maxim, was based on the fact that it was important to maintain a favorable acid-alkaline balance in the body:

“Whenever and however possible; No day without green leaves.”

Part 2: Bircher muesli.

2 Responses to The revolution in nutrition – part 1.

  1. Curcumin says:

    That’s right! Thanks to the nutritionist Are Waerland (1876-1955) and his wife Ebba (1897-1981) there are many aspects of complete nutrition that we can take for granted nowadays. In the beginning 1950’ies, the Waerland-movement started in Germany. Whole-grain-bread, cereals, unprocessed nutrition, curdled milk, as well as a lacto-vegetabile diet were new dietary terrain to many people. Today, there are plenty of dietetics – reviewing more than 50 years of experience, we regard Waerland Diet the most balanced. Curcumin

  2. brunnyB says:

    I remember as a child my father travelling to Sweden to meet with Are Waerland and to invite him to come to Frankfurt, Germany, to present the Waerland Health system. He lectured at the “Paulskirche’ which was filled to capacity. Are and his wife Ebba were inroduced by my father who also was one of the founders of the Waerland movement in Germany. The organizational meeting took place in our garden. I also remember several trips to Alassio, Italy, where Are Wareland settled. I vividly remember one lunch our family had with him. To my amusement he started rolling swiss cheese into lettuce leaves. As vegetarians (I am the third generation) we embraced the Waerland system. My grandparents founded one of the first healthfood stores in Germany, now 104 years old, which is still in the family.

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