Egg replacer in baking

January 23, 2007

Egg replacer

15ml flax seeds (linseed)
115ml of water
Simmer for 5 mins and add to mixture

Recipe taken from Babara Cousins ‘Cooking Without’

(I can only guess that the Linseed needs to be toasted first, and then ground).


Raw Passion Bars

January 23, 2007

Raw Passion Bars
1cup almonds
1cup dried figs
1cup dried dates
1cup pumpkin seeds
soak separately in water for at least an hour
1cup of shredded coconut
1/2 cup water
1/4 cup cocoa
4 drops vanilla essence

Drain the almonds and pumpkin seeds and grind them up in a blender then put aside. Put the dates in the blender with the water and cocoa and blend until smooth add the figs and blend some more then add all the other ingredients
and blend together. Form into small squares and roll in shredded coconut..
Decorate the top with two pumpkin seeds arranged to form a heart shape, chill in fridge for at least an hour before serving.

Almonds are associated with passion and fertility and their aroma is said to induce passion in women. Chocolate is one of the kings of aphrodisiacs, and has been used to stoke the flames of passion all over the world Casanova was a serious chocolate addict. Dates in Iran are used to help people whose sex life is withering. Figs are one of the sexiest fruits on the planet, a symbol of luscious fertility and one of the oldest edible plants. Pumpkin seeds are one of the richest sources of zinc very nourishing to the relevant organs. Vanilla, its aroma is believed to increase lust so dab some behind the ears while you bake!

Useful extracts from Swami Ramdev’s disciple’s website,

November 14, 2006

Useful extracts from Swami Ramdev’s disciples’ website,
Flaxseed, (Linseed, Alsi):

(Allopathic qualities: Very high in Omega3 fatty acids, minerals. Eaten upto 50 grams per day.)

Ayurvedic qualties:

The seeds are sweet, with mild smell, oily, hot, pungent, heavy, purgative, strengthening, increasing the sexual desire, if taken in little quantity the seeds produce urine, reduce the swelling and in large quantity they reduce vata and cure leprosy, seminal problems, kapha, pitta and eyesight problem.

Vata related diseases:

Roast around 50 gm linseed in the pan and make powder, add 50 gm of sugar candy, 10 gm of chilly powder, beat it nicely with honey and prepare pills of around 3 .to 6 gm. Give the small pills to children and the big ones to the elders in the morning to get rid of kapha and vata related problems. Do not drink water till one hour after medication.

On carrots:

Carrot is most beneficial when it is eaten raw. Eat raw carrot everyday in the morning, this reduces overweight and strengthens the teeth and gums. It is a good idea to remain on carrot diet for three days. Replace lunch with carrot salad.

In case you are not satisfied with the diet, then take a hot glass of cow milk along with honey.

Do not take any thing else except carrot and milk with honey. You can drink water to quench your thirst. Carrot juice is more beneficial when compared to carrot. You can also take 50 to 200 gm of carrot juice twice daily. This diet is a sort of fasting and also supplies nutritional elements to the body. You can add glucose to make it tastier and healthier. Those who can not keep fast or can not live without eating grains and cereals, they can eat carrot vegetable without curry. It should be cooked with black pepper, cumin seeds, coriander and common salt. Use anardana instead of dry mango powder. This vegetable can be eaten raw without chapattis as well. You can take one or two chapattis and eat more vegetable.

Carrot vegetable is very tasty and can be eaten as it is. You can also make carrot raita like gourd or cucumber raita. Wash the carrot and grate it nicely, put it in beaten curd and add salt, black pepper and roasted cumin seeds. You can also add roasted cumin seeds in vegetable or raita. There is no need to boil the carrot to make raita or peel the skin. Separate the middle yellow portion and make sweet marmalade. Take a big carrot and cut it into slices, sometimes it is soaked in limewa-ter for eight hours and then soaked in sugar syrup. This marmalade is very delicious. You can garnish it with small cardamom, vansh lochan and silver covering. This gives great strength and enthusiasm.

Carrot halva

This sweet dish is extremely delicious and nutritious. However there is no need to add khoya as the shopkeepers do. Here we are giving the method to prepare halva in order to increase its medicinal qualities.

Wash the carrots and grate it. Now, pour cow milk in a large pan and put it on flame, add the grated carrot when the milk begins to boil and stir it with a big spoon. Add some sugar candy when the milk begins to thicken and stir again.

Remove the halva from flame when it is ready. Add small cardamom, vansh lochan and saffron. This sweet dish is nutritious and gives a good figure. Around 25 gm of this halva can be taken every morning and an equal quantity in the afternoon as well. If 3 gm of honey in each serving is added it becomes more beneficial. Drink a glass of hot cow milk added with sugar candy over it. Chapatti or some light lunch can be taken along with this halva.

Carrot and Ginger

Combination of carrot and ginger is very beneficial. Ginger increases the digestive elements, therefore carrot is easily digestible grate  the  carrot, chop the ginger, add both the things and rinse in water. Serve it in a plate, sprinkle common salt, roasted cumin seeds powder and lemon juice.

This is very healthy and nutritious item, which provides strength and energy; it also improves the digestion process. It contains vitamin A and C. It is tasty and improves the appetite. It can be a regular item on the breakfast table or a good substitute for the afternoon snacks.

Breakfast should contain a ripe guava along with carrot – ginger salad. The afternoon snacks should also be taken in the same way. Take hot milk at bedtime if desired. You can also add radish in the salad, it is very tasty and nutritious.

Vegetable soup is a very healthy dish. To prepare it, boil guava, tomato, carrot, radish and ginger in equal quantities and sieve it. Add lemon juice and take only this soup for three, five or seven days. Do not take any other grain or cereal; you might not need any medicine at all.

Sesame seeds, (esp. black sesame seeds):

The scientists say that the white sesame has medium medicinal value. Red sesame is ordinary and black sesame is best. Sesame contains lot of fat. If a person eats 100 gm of sesame then he will get the required amount of calcium. 100 gm sesame contains 1.5 gm calcium, 5.5 gm phosphorous, and 10 gm iron. Sesame contains Vitamin B complex also. The substance called lecithin found in sesame is beneficial for the brain. Consumption of sesame improves the sexual capacity. It increases the sperm. According to Saint Charak, sesame oil is strengthening and beneficial for the skin.

Bengali Gastronomy

November 7, 2006

Another historically fascinating link on Indian diet!

“You begin with the cool tender gourd seasoned with the head of the fish, the spare bones have gone into your mungh dal which comes with the meaty neck-bone fried brown and crunchy; then follow a mild jhol with slices of the green pumpkin and dotted with seeds of the black cumin, and a pungent “bhate” or “paturi” steamed in a sealed jar or braised in a covering of banana-leaf, thickened with oil and mustard-paste. And finally, just for “cleaning your mouth”, comes the tail-end of the fish–the least appealing part but made most pleasant with sweetened lime-juice and the green chili.”

Bake your own energy bars?

October 30, 2006

This is something!!

I was reading recently about the Omega3 fatty acid content of flax seeds ( a vegetarian source), and that it preferably should be taken with yogurt.

And then I stumble upon this link thru!

The wet ingredients are pretty much available. The dry ingredients are easy to emulate!

The ready-mix!

One day, I must try this out.

All Omega 3 fatty acid thingys here:,,1924088,00.html

Cooking with feminists

October 16, 2006

The Colbert Report – 10/10/06: Interview with gloria steinam jane fonda and he also cooks an apple pie with them.…


Indian units of measure

October 14, 2006

4 sikis =1 tola
5 sikis = 1 kancha
4 kancha = 1 chatak
4 chataks = 1 powah
4 powahs=1 seer
5 seers = 1 pasari
8 pasaris = 1 maund
40 seers = 1 maund  5 chataks = 1 kunka
2 kunkas = 1 kunchi
2 kunchis = 1 rek
2 reks = 1 pali
2 palis = 1 done
2 dones = 1 kati
8 katis = 1 arhi
20 arhis = 1 bish
16 bishes = 1 kahan
16 palis = 1 maund
8 dones = 1 maund
20 dones = 1 sali  4 dhans = 1 rati
6 ratis = 1 anna
8 ratis = 1 masha
12 mashas = 1 tola or bhari
16 annas = 1 tola  60 anupal = 1 vipal
60 vipal= 1 pal
60 pal = 1 dundo
60 dundo = 1 deen
7 deen = 1 hafta
30 deen = 1 mahina
12 mahina = 1 baras  4 chataks = 1 powah
4 powahs = 1 seer
40 seers = 1 maund

Bengal Lineal Measure  Bengal Grain Measure  Bengal Physician’s Weight  Bengal Cloth Measure  Bombay Bazaar Measure
3 jaubs = 1 angali
4 angalis = 1 musti
3 mustis = bitasti
2 bitastis = 1 hat
2 hats = 1 gaz
2 gazes = 1 dhanu
2000 dhanu = 1 kosh
4 koshes = 1 yojan  5 chataks = 1 koonkee
4 koonkees = 1 raik
32 raiks = 1 maund  4 dhans = 1 rati
10 ratis = 1 masha
12 mashas = 1 tola  3 angulis = 1 girah
8 girahs = 1 hath
2 haths = 1 gaz  36 tanks = 1 tipari
2 tiparis = 1 seer
4 seers = 1 payli
16 paylis = 1 phara
8 pharas = 1 kandi
25 pharas = 1 muda